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why published a nice article about garbage collection in ruby. It shows some problems and how these can be solved by changing some of your ruby code.

With Scrapbook you can create notes from webpages, or save complete websites on a specific date. So this extension is helpful when you're a writer, or a researcher.

Problems with tools like these is that you have to find some place in your workflow to use them. If you don't have a place it is possible that I will stay in tools menu for a long time without you using it.

At lifehacker I came across this incredible tool for It is called the Direc.tor. It a combination of webapp and API and Ajax.

This probably is one of the steps were going to see on the web, web applications that are written over webbased apis. Web based tools with nice user friendly clean interfaces that do something that's different enough from the actual data provider website.

Very impressive. We need more of this.

Today I have migrated a CVS repository to subversion. It was quite easy with a cvs to subversion migration howto.

The stuff I transmitted was this website. About three months ago I started using subversion. At first it was a try only, but now I use it for three projects and a website. I really like it. The nicest commands are the revert and status command. This is stuff that programmers really need to know and use, even if you're one programmer working a project.

I have written two new articles. First is about using time based movement in a computergame. The other is about creating a Java/Swing GUI with RiverLayout. I will also try to create more articles about GUI programming in java and maybe about using invariants and contracts in object oriented programming.

Yesterday I have written my first article about game programming. I have ideas for some other articles that I will write in some days. It's really fun to write, but I'm not yet sure if there are people who think the article is helpful.

I would appreciate comments, ideas, suggestions, feedback about the article. has been upgraded multiple times. I've added all kinds of functionality.

  • New products
  • Links to other pages
  • Ability to specify if a product should be put into a packet.
  • Some cleanups of the order database code.

All in all not that many upgrades, nut at least the structure of the code is better suited now to be used with the order/billing code.

Some time age I posted an entry (actually the previous one) in which I explained about the project I would be working on for some time. The project is about to end. We only have to deliver some documents (system documentation) and then we're done.

I'm not yet sure what to tell, but at least I can tell that we've failed. We didn't win any prices. Maybe that's not the point of the project.