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Maybe I should link to my Pownce profile.

I just received my Pownce invitation. Now let's see what this is.

I just got Mastering Regular Expressions by Jeffrey Friedl. I already know Regular Expressions and I think that I'm pretty good at them. Still I will read this and I think I will get something out of this. Maybe a deeper understanding of regular expressions.

Amazon released an ebook reader: Kindle.

Please read: The Future of Reading and DUM.

I want Sandy is a personal assistant, who will remind and remember all things you send to here via email.

Write paragraphs like:

remind me to take out the garbage this evening

and Sandy will send you an email or SMS when the time comes. There's is much more possible using Sandy. I think you should take a look.

I wrote an article about Getting Things Done using Vim outliner, an outliner for Vim.