Changes to the blog

As you can see my blog is powered by Bryar. It can be found on CPAN. I made some changes to Bryar that I liked. I'm not sure what to do with these changes. Should I give them back to the owner, or not? It's more like a it works for me hack.

I added the following items to the software.

  • Wiki formatting using Text::KwikiFormatish
  • Separated datadir and entrydir.
  • Simple attr_accessor, attr_reader (like ruby) functions

These items are really nice to have I think. There is some other stuff that would be nice.

  • Use of links to the baseurl of your webserver. (like: /index.html).
  • That the ordering of the entries doesn't change, when you change it.
    • Because Bryar uses the modification time of an entry.
    • It would be better to use the filename of the entry, especially of you use the my elisp bryar entry maker. It's nice that this software can be changed so easily.



My name is Peter Stuifzand. You're reading my personal website.


Peter Stuifzand
Zwolle, The Netherlands