Peter Stuifzand

Changes to the blog

As you can see my blog is powered by Bryar. It can be found on CPAN. I made some changes to Bryar that I liked. I’m not sure what to do with these changes. Should I give them back to the owner, or not? It’s more like a it works for me hack.

I added the following items to the software.

  • Wiki formatting using Text::KwikiFormatish
  • Separated datadir and entrydir.
  • Simple attr_accessor, attr_reader (like ruby) functions

These items are really nice to have I think. There is some other stuff that would be nice.

  • Use of links to the baseurl of your webserver. (like: /index.html).
  • That the ordering of the entries doesn’t change, when you change it.
  • Because Bryar uses the modification time of an entry.
  • It would be better to use the filename of the entry, especially of you use the my elisp bryar entry maker. It’s nice that this software can be changed so easily.
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