Peter Stuifzand

Return from the roadtrip

Saturday I returned from my roadtrip. Now is a good time to tell what we have done.


First we drove to Geneva, Switzerland. We took the autobahn through Germany. We stopped a few times. When we we’re in Switzerland out first stop was in Basel, where we took a look at a local Mac. We didn’t we would be staying that long, when we saw the prices there.

We arrived in Geneva at about one in the afternoon after a drive of about 13 hours. We spend there two nights on a camping. Real nice, and not even that expensive, about 10-15 Swiss Franc a night. That’s less than EUR 10.


The second day in Geneva we went to France, because it was really near. We had to take multiple busses. First one to CERN, and than one to France. The idea to find a mountain and climb a little, but it didn’t come to that. See the movie when it’s ready…


From Geneva we went on to Milan, Italy. We had to drive trough the Alps. It was really amazing. At the border of Switzerland and Italy our van was checked by the douane. Of course we could pass without further trouble.

When we got in Milan we met with a cousin of Gerard en his friend. They knew two youth hostels there, where we could stay. The first one only had two beds left, but the other lots of beds free. We stayed there one night.


The second day in Milan we wanted to check out the city. So we went to the San Siro Stadium and four of us took the guided tour. I didn’t want to, so I waited a little outside to stadium and tried to draw some people.

Thereafter we went to the centre of the city to see some of it. And while Sander and I where buying parking cards, the others found out that some of their stuff was stolen. Two passports, two drivers licenses, camera lenses, hair gel, a toothbrush, touthpaste, some t-shirts, a photo camera, a gps receiver and some cables that were needed for our coolbox. So when we found out about this, we want to the police. The officer of the policestation we went to told us to go the main policestation (because he was to lazy to fill out the forms himself). The policemen in the other policemen where nicer. And helped our victims of theft.

For everybody who wants to take his car to Milan, don’t. Or take a map and a navigator with you, because you (and especially we) will get lost.

After this incidents we went on to Zogno, a place that’s about 70 km above Milan. The first night we put our van on a parkingstrip next to the road a 2 km out of the town. While we were there, we relaxed a little, but after a few hours, the carabinieri (police) arrived there and we thought they wanted us go, but nothing like that. Some stuff was found and they thought it could ours. And they asked if we could come by their policestation the next day.


more in a moment.

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