Peter Stuifzand

Tray Icon applet to add pages to blog

Inspired by Tomboy and GnomeTrashApplet I created a TrayIconApplet to add pages to my weblog. But it’s not written in C or C#, but in ruby using it’s Gtk wrappers. And it was easier than I at first thought.

It’s a application around pages. And has the following features.

  • listing web pages on website
  • editing web pages on website
  • listing all weblog items
  • adding new items to weblog
  • generating the website

It’s a really nice app. But it’s still has lots of bugs, probably. And some stuff is not yet good enough, like the interface of the editor. It could use some extra buttons and menus, a better font (monospace at least). Also it doesn’t update the lists of pages in the interface.

I like the BlueCloth interface to the text, but maybe a interface like Tomboy is better.

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