Peter Stuifzand

Making modification to dwm is really easy

Dwm is the ‘dynamic window manager’ and is written in only 2000 lines of C code. This is quite nice. The size and the quality of the code is really good, so its really easy for me to make some modifications.

The first modifications that I made, where for keys to start programs. F2 now starts the terminal and F4 starts a webbrowser. F3 starts gmrun, but I’m not sure if I need, or that I like it. Some people use it, some people like it, but most of the time I just use a terminal. Its already open, so. The thing is: in Ion3, F3 opens a query window just like gmrum and lets me start a program.

The next modification that I made was for the switching between tags. In Ion3 I could move to the next or previous workspace by pressing Meta-K N, or Meta-K P. Now I can do the same thing in dwm.

I also tried a few other things but these didn’t stuck, which means I couldn’t get them to work the way I liked.

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