My return from my vacation

I started writing on an entry about my adventures in Brussels and Paris, but it's a lot to write. I already wrote about the first few days, so expect the thing sometime after I return from Lowlands. The thing is that I, especially for this entry, implemented 'draft' functionality.

The draft functionality let's you write an entry without it getting published. To publish a draft entry you must set the draft setting of the entry to false. This can be done in the index.yaml file, which contains the metadata of all the weblog entries.

There's still much to do, much to write and much to publish. And the draft functionality works quite well, but it still is a pain in the ass to publish an entry and needs a program that will take care of the painfull bit.



My name is Peter Stuifzand. You're reading my personal website.


Peter Stuifzand
Zwolle, The Netherlands