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How to properly peel a banana

It looks like the internet is a giant lesson in synchronicity. Somehow it isn’t strange that the internet of all places is the place where all these synchronous things happen. There are so many people already in there.

Last week I was boring my colleague about how to peel a banana. And today I read an blog entry about it: How to properly peel a banana The author did a bit more research than I did and found this How to Eat a Banana: a Design lesson

It also looks like 2007 is going to be a year with more pictures. Let’s hope so!

Step 1

Take the banana in your hand with the stem (of steeltje) to the bottom.

Step 2

The next picture shows the wrong way to peel a banana. This is the way of death and mushy banana.

The actual step 2

As you can see the easy part is the peeling, but how to hold the other hand, of course no one likes to see the above in public. Maybe we have to get used to it.

Step 3

No picture here, the banana was already gone when our photographer wanted to take the picture. Nasty monkeys (or apes if you’re into that kindof thing).

Next time: how to properly take photographs of bananas while holding the camera and banana far enough to get it actually pretty on the picture.

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