Peter Stuifzand

SVN repository surgery

Once upon a time I had all my projects in one subversion repository. At first this looks simple, easy and useful. But after some time it will start to be a problem.

How can you fix your repository to have only one project in the repository. This is what I did, including sources that I used for help.

First I created a dump of the repository using the following command:

svnadmin dump <repospath> | svndumpfilter include  \
      --drop-empty-revs --renumber-revs <projectnamedirectory>

Then I used sed and vim to change the paths. I moved the whole project directory into the root of the repository. I changed the Node-path and Node-copyfrom-path entries in the dumpfile to match the new path.

Then I removed the first property entry in this file. It’s the one that contains an empty Node-path.

Then I used

svnadmin create <newrepospath>
svnadmin load <newrepospath> < dumpfile

to create and load the new repository. Works great.

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