Peter Stuifzand

Fiddle - a music player

All music players suck, all in different ways. The music player that I created sucks too. A lot actually, but that’s to be expected.

The work of three days is now available to the public in some kind of alpha release. The player is called Fiddle and is available in my Git repository. But please take a look at the website that I created for it. It contains a lot of good information about downloading and running Fiddle.

I even created a logo.

The main feature that made me want to write a new music player, was Smart playlists. All music players contain a version of so called Smart playlists, but they all kind of suck. In Fiddle you can create simple scripts or queries that will find all music files that match in then play them in the order that you specified.

For example:

name Rated music in order
play_count not match /^0$/
rate match /^\d+$/
order rate desc

This will play all music which has been played before and has a rating, from good to bad. There are many playlists like this that could be used.

Fiddle is a work in progress and I could use help from people who would like to create a better music player. So if you want to help, please send an email to the mailing list.

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