Peter Stuifzand

Making a movie

This year I’m going to make a movie. People will wonder: “Why are you going to make a movie? You’re a software developer. You don’t know anything about filmmaking.” They would be right. I don’t care. And I will learn something in the process.

I think we live in an amazing time for creating beautiful stuff. Cameras aren’t that expensive. Maybe someone has a camera lying around somewhere. Distributing the video on the internet isn’t very hard.

My current plan looks like this:

  1. Find a few people who are interested in creating a movie
  2. Write a script, storyboards, screenplay
  3. Find some more people
  4. Shoot the video
  5. Edit
  6. Distribute

And sure, this is not the whole story. Each of these steps consists of more steps and more stuff that I don’t know.

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