How to use Vimoutliner checkboxes

Vim outliner is an outliner tool. As the name implies you can write outlines with it, but with this particular one you can also create todo lists. A todo list can be created without much effort.

First open your todo file, todo.otl for example. By using the otl extension, Vim outliner will be loaded automatically.

Next, type a task you have to do in the future. This could something like write blog post about Vim outliner. Remember, because this is Vim, you have to type i to start insert mode.

write blog post about Vim outliner

Then type ,,cb this will insert a checkbox in front the current line. Which will make the line look like this:

[_] write blog post about Vim outliner

So now you start writing the blog post. When you're done after a few minutes (about 30min). You can check of the item on the list. Do this by typing ,,cx. Your file will look like this now:

[X] write blog post about Vim outliner

And this concludes this first How To blog post about Vim outliner.


Add a checkbox,,cb
Check a checkbox,,cx



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