Peter Stuifzand

Autocomplete contexts and people with GTD in Vimoutliner

I wrote an article about GTD and Vimoutliner. This post adds a few simple things you can do to simplify your edits to the todo.otl file.

In Vim it is easy to autocomplete a word or line. You can complete a word by typing the first few characters of the word you want to complete. Then type CTRL-N to complete the word. You can try other words by typing CTRL-N more often. This will try to complete your word with a word that can be found in the same file.

Sometimes you need to complete a full line. This can be a person from the PEOPLE section or a context from the CONTEXT section. To complete a full line, type the first few characters of the line you want to complete and then type CTRL-X CTRL-L and then you can try more lines by typing CTRL-N.

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