Peter Stuifzand

People think I love computers

Ted Dziuba wrote:

People think I hate programming. Nope. What I hate is fording endless rivers of horseshit that are in the way of seemingly simple tasks. And I hate it even more when I have to explain to a non-programmer what I am doing, “building LXML against a different version of libiconv because I think it might be the source of a crash”.

Yes. The thing that I would say is this:

People think I love computers. Nope. What I love is that I can write software that is useful and helps people do their thing. But I hate it that I need to do upgrades, backups, hardware things. Computers break, I just fucking hate that.

As a programmer I would like a perfect programming environment, without hardware failures, the need to backup and upgrade, and fucking spammers, but I don’t think that I will see that in my time on this planet.

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