Peter Stuifzand

Twitter, I don't care anymore

I have had an account with Twitter now, for almost three years. According to When did you join twitter?, I joined twitter over two years and nine months ago. Lately I’m wondering if it’s useful for anything. It’s a lousy news reader, it’s a terrible communication medium and the mechanics are all in one company.

There is no way for me to send messages to the people I would like to send messages. Let’s say this is the same group of people that I would send SMS messages to. These aren’t on Twitter and probably never will be. They tried it and left it, never to return. These are the kind of people that don’t have fancy phones, with fancy apps, that allow them to use Twitter in a useful way.

Another thing is that Twitter is not private enough for these people. They don’t care about sharing there personal life on a website, that can be read by anybody.

For many messages (or conversations) 140 characters is just not enough. I don’t want to edit my messages until it fits, or split it over multiple messages. I want to write what I need and send it. I should be able to make the message as long as it needs to be.

It feels like such a waste to write posts like this, but it’s how I feel about Twitter at the moment. I just don’t care about it.

UPDATE: And as you can read, I also don’t care about writing a good post.

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