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Buzz paper cuts

In the same way that Ubuntu has a list of problems that are trivially fixable Paper cuts, you could also do that for other programs. Google Buzz is a service that I use at the moment. I like this program, because it seems to take public standards into account and it will allow decentralized communication between people. So today I will spend some time to write down the few problems that I found that will be trivially fixable.

Ubuntu’s definition is this:

a paper cut is a trivially fixable usability bug that the average user would encounter in default installation of Ubuntu or Kubuntu Desktop Edition*.

Paper cuts

  1. Muting a Buzz is very slow. This seems to be a problem with the fade. The thing is, it is nice that the Buzz fades away, but I don’t need to see it. It should be fast. It also moves the viewpoint to the top. Please don’t move my screen.

  2. Clicking a Buzz that isn’t selected will move the screen to the start of the Buzz. If you scroll up from the next Buzz to a comment above in the previous Buzz, and then click on the comments, it will move the viewpoint to the start of the Buzz.

  3. The @-prefix for responding to people is ugly, when used with the domain name. There are better ways to do this. A few suggestions: ‘->’, ‘r:’, ‘#’, ‘>’, ‘>>’. And I say screw backward compatibility and expectations.

So if you like the things I said here, please find a way to share it with some people. There seem to be quite a few places where that’s possible today.

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