Peter Stuifzand

Generic Programming, STL and Stepanov

Here are two talks about Generic Programming, that I like very much. Generic Programming is about much more then just C++ templates.

Alexander Stepanov: STL and its Design Principles

In this first talk Stepanov talks about concepts and not much about STL. As he says (paraphrased): STL is maybe the biggest library of its kind, but it’s just a small step in Generic Programming. There is much that can be done with Generic Programming, STL is just the beginning.

A Possible Future of Software Development

I really like it when people show there are more ways to bring mathematics and algorithms into programming. In this talk Sean Parent shows a way how this can be done. As programmers, we all learn about MVC in school, but it seems we all forget about it, as soon as we start writing web applications. However, this talk addresses a deeper problem.

Update: The first video is not available anymore on I tried to find a video about the same thing.

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