Peter Stuifzand

I wrote a Perl RSScloud

Today I wrote an rssCloud in Perl. It uses Plack and AnyEvent. That it uses Plack doesn’t at the moment mean that it works with any Plack compatible web server. It works with Twiggy, but doesn’t with HTTP::Server and others. This relates to the AnyEvent code.

I followed Dave Winer’s walkthrough for implementation information and looked at some of the frontend parts of his system.

At the moment it only supports the http-post protocol for subscription and ping. This shouldn’t be too big of problem I hope. Everyone who is interested and able should send me a patch for the XML-RPC part. Patches are welcome!

At the moment I have one of these clouds running on my server. You can take a look at the log to see what’s going on. If you break something, please send me a patch to fix it, or at least send me an email showing what steps you took to do so.

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