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Let's start a programming news network

I have been building a system of posting short posts on top of RSS and rssCloud. This system helps people to create link blogs and short posts about anything they like. Now I was thinking maybe we can build a programming news network on top of this system. There are already two systems that I know of that work with this system. One is my own, called Pompiedom. The other is the system created by Dave Winer.

This news network should be only about programming: languages, tools, code, software and similar things. Just stuff programmers are interested in, just the stuff that bores normal people.

Programmers writing for programmers, a way to stay up to date and become better at programming. No startups, companies, VC or business stuff, just programming. All source open and free. Ready for anyone to use, improve and give away.

How do we make this happen?

A big part of the software is ready to support this, and if your interested I can help set things up. I will free all the software that I create for this project and a big part is already opened up on github.

The parts:

The last part is still a work in progress and needs some more work. I will release that code shortly.


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