Peter Stuifzand

What's the base technology

As people who make things, we like to start new projects or create new software or websites. One of the first questions that we need to face is what technology will I use? What is the technology that I can build my new idea on top of? And what technology is the easiest to use?

For different projects the answer to these questions is different. And the question is also different for different people.

Let’s say you like to start a new website, a normal website with a few pages nothing difficult. Which technology do you use? What is the easiest way to start a new website? What technology would you pick? And how hard is it to start? How many minutes does it take to go from idea to a published website?

A lot of the time I start by creating a bit HTML for the page. Or maybe write a piece of text in a text editor.

What if the website isn’t for you, but for a client, someone who doesn’t know HTML? What is the best choice for this person?

Let’s say this person needs a way to change pages, but doesn’t need to change the layout, because you create it. Do you start by writing PHP and SQL? On the one hand I understand this way of working, I like to write software myself. On the other hand, if you have written a CMS before or simple website management software, then I know I wouldn’t like to write that another time.

There should be an easy way to just create a new website, by running a simple installation script that takes care of all the annoying bits. If we have this base it’s easier to just start with the real website without the need to write another piece of PHP, HTML and SQL.

That’s a real improvement.

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