Peter Stuifzand

X is dying

Things that aren’t alive, can’t die. So if you write an article with the title “X is dying”, you should make sure that X was alive in the first place. If it wasn’t alive, you should try and be more specific about what you mean.

Possible meanings

  • People used X in the past, but don’t anymore.
  • Some people still use X, but will stop in the future.
  • People use X, but don’t know what X is.
  • People use X, but you don’t like it.
  • People use X, but you don’t want them to.
  • I don’t use X.
  • I know someone who doesn’t use X.
  • I’m a sad and miserable person, just hating about things. Oh, and people use X.

And every time I used people above you replace it with customers, users, developers, companies, grandma’s, moms, dads, your neighbours, or your pet.

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