Peter Stuifzand

Can't write directly

Tom Morris wrote some time ago about Posting UIs on the Indie Web:

The type of writing we do is influenced by the tools we have, and by the experience of the services we use.

I write my posts in Vim with a small script around it that adds the content to the blog post index. Then I generate the static files and publish (with rsync) everything to the server.

But I have a problem with this. After I save and exit Vim the script adds the post to the blog. This sometimes keeps me from starting a new blog post. It feels rushed.

The same happens when I write a Tweet on Twitter. The textarea feels cramped and the Tweet button makes it really easy to post.

It feels better to write when I have the option to not publish.

So this post and the posts from yesterday were all written in Vim and saved to a file. Later when I was happy with the text I published them. This makes the whole process a lot less rushed.

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