Peter Stuifzand

Dockerfile for Pinto server

Yesterday I created Pinto server on a server with Debian. Today I did the same but with Docker. Docker is way to run processes in their own sandbox. Docker uses a Dockerfile to create an image that run a certain process. The Dockerfile that I used to run pintod looks like this:

FROM ubuntu
RUN apt-get -y install curl perl build-essential
RUN curl -L | bash
RUN mkdir /var/pinto
VOLUME /var/pinto
RUN adduser --system --home /opt/local/pinto --shell /bin/false --disabled-login --group pinto
ENV PINTO_HOME /opt/local/pinto
RUN /opt/local/pinto/bin/pinto init
CMD /opt/local/pinto/bin/pintod

I created a volume for /var/pinto that contains the repository. The pinto init doesn’t initialize it, it seems. If I later mount the volume in on the host, the directory is empty, because the host directory was empty.

It would be great if I could create a volume with files with the Dockerfile and later mount them in a directory on the host system.

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