Peter Stuifzand

File transfers for mobile phones

Sometimes I need to copy a file from my computer to my phone. That’s should be really easy. But it’s not. I would like it to work like this:

  1. I put a file in a folder.
  2. If my phone is on the same network, the file should be copied from the computer to my phone, without further actions from me.

And that’s it. The file shouldn’t be copied to a server somewhere else. It should only move from my computer to my phone and never touch the internet.

It also means that this functionality won’t work over the internet. So if my phone is not connected to the local wifi, it stays on the computer.

The other way around, if I make a few photos with my phone, these photos should be copied automatically to a directory on my computer when I come home.

Why doesn’t it work like this?

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