Peter Stuifzand

Deleting in Note Taking Apps

It seems I’m sentimental. I have difficulties with Archiving or Deleting documents from the Readwise Reader Inbox. I’m always looking at the conflicts in my live. and this seems to be one of them.

The problem in Readwise Reader is that I want to remove, or archive documents. But sometimes these documents contain something that I want to act on. If I Archive a document, I won’t see it again.

In Readwise it’s possible to create highlights, that can be resurfaced. For that you need to process your daily highlights. I did this for some time. But also the highlight is perhaps not enough to take action. Perhaps I should create projects and next-actions to take action, define an outcome and action steps. Would this be enough?

It seems a good idea to take some time to Delete or Archive documents in Reader, that you aren’t going to read, or have read and processed and are not going to work on further.

There is this video on Youtube, where Johnny Harris speaks about a process where he deletes photos to better remember the events in his life. This feels to very difficult to do. I don’t understand how someone can do this.

I also have problems deleting lines of text from a Logseq Daily Notes page, or in Twos by moving to a more specific list.

The problem seems to be that I’m not able to get back to what it was. Deleting a photo will delete it forever and it is not possible to take the same photo again. The same can be said for a daily notes page, where when you delete something it will “destroy” the history of the page.

A solution can be to be see the daily notes pages as scratch pages. To move the blocks on the page should not be a problem.

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