Art and electronics project

A few weeks ago I created an art project together with my girlfriend involving video and electronics. I created the electronics part for her. The technical part of the project was based on a simple idea. When someone walks by it should play a short piece of video. The sensor I made a sensor that notices changes in the light received. The idea is that when someone walks by the light falling on the LDR changes....

January 11, 2008

Create a sound generator with an NE555 IC

I few weeks ago I started doing some electronics projects. The second thing I tried was using the NE555 chip. It’s was quite simple to use. Within a few minutes I had a blinking led (remember, this is my third electronics project). This video shows how you can create a sound generator with a few NE555 chips. I created something like it, a few days ago.

September 4, 2007