I want Sandy

I want Sandy is a personal assistant, who will remind and remember all things you send to here via email. Write paragraphs like: remind me to take out the garbage this evening and Sandy will send you an email or SMS when the time comes. There’s is much more possible using Sandy. I think you should take a look.

November 15, 2007


Once every few months I have to take a look in my received spam folder. I don’t like that, because it gets big and it takens a lot of time to load the headers. So almost every time when I look into this I remove all messages that are in there. It’s not that much work, but it takes some time, that I could spend doing something else. A few years ago I used a program that would look through all the messages in a specified folder and then deleted all messages that were older than some number of days....

April 22, 2007

HOWTO Edit Messages

A few weeks ago I found this nice guide about howto edit and quote email messages.

April 22, 2007

Craft your subject line

It looks like it still is to difficult to write a good subject line. Use words that mean something like names, places, dates or other nouns. It should be to the point and short. More information on The Effective E-mailer or my page about sending emails

February 24, 2007

GMail account

I got my first GMail account. First I’m just going to look at how it works. If it’s as nice as the other people on the web told. It’s all really crazy around these accounts. I just found a website that helps people to get a GMail account. GMail Swap, and in other places people are trying to sell them. There are also people concerned about privacy issues.

September 22, 2004