Load Firefox search in background tab

Today I noticed something that bothered me. When I search in Firefox through the right-click context menu the search results open in a new tab and Firefox switches automatically to the new page. I remembered there is option that makes Firefox open new links in the background and I thought that maybe this option was disabled. The option was enabled as it should be. I opened a few links and it behaved as expected....

May 6, 2013

Best feature ever

Don’t you just hate it when you click a link while you’re on YouTube watching a video. Before you realize what happened you click the back button. Normally this will reload the page and start the video from the beginning. But not today. It continued at the same point where I left. That’s how it should be.

January 30, 2012

Just for reference: Firefox keyboard shortcuts

A list of [Firefox keybindings](http://support.mozilla.com/en-US/kb/Keyboard shortcuts). I couldn’t find this list, because I was searching for key bindings.

April 6, 2011

Automated screenshots in Firefox with WWW::Mechanize::Firefox

I was reading presentation slides from YAPC::EU 2010 and found this one: Web Automation with WWW::Mechanize::Firefox. It explains a module that connects to a running Firefox instance and will use it to follows links, create screenshots and more. I rewrote the example a little bit make it work. I ended up with the this. These are two methods that work. The original method didn’t work for me # The original line in the example my $png = $mech->content_as_png(); # Method 1 my $png = $mech->element_as_png($mech->selector('html')); # Method 2 my $png = $mech->content_as_png(undef, {left=>0,top=>0,width=>200, height=>200}); Now I can automatically create screenshots from webpages....

August 19, 2010

Firefox 3.6 released

Firefox 3.6 released If you’re a developer you should take a look at the Firefox 3.6 for developers page.

January 22, 2010

A hovering statusbar

I created a Greasemonkey script that will show a hovering statusbar when hovering over a link. It looks like this: Use at your own risk! This script comes with no warranty. You have been warned. Install the script: Hovering statusbar Greasemonkey userscript

September 7, 2008

Firefox crash in debian

I experienced some problems while using Firefox on Debian. With the use of google it was fixed. Firefox segmentation fault debian work around. This bug report contains a work around.

January 26, 2006

Hit-a-Hint extension for Firefox 1.5

I just noticed that the Hit-a-Hint extension is upgraded for Firefox 1.5. This is great because it will let click links and buttons without using the mouse. When I installed it there was one problem though, it didn’t work. The solution was found quickly. Goto about:config and search the key extensions.hah.hints.tags and change that to: //a|//input|//textarea|//select|//button|//isindex|//frame|//iframe and it will work. I’m not sure what the problem was, but this will at least make it work....

January 18, 2006

Create notes from webpages with Scrapbook

June 27, 2005