Gmail buttons changed?

I just noticed something: the Gmail buttons have changed. The corners of the buttons are rounder now. I don’t have an image of the previous buttons, only the article by Douglas Bowman about the design of the buttons.

April 6, 2010

Switch from Hotmail to Gmail

Since a few months you are able to move from Hotmail to Gmail. The biggest problem was that you couldn’t take you old emails with you to Gmail. The other big problem was that you have to everybody about your new email address. Switching has a big cost. The way this works is that you don’t have change your email address, because even the new emails that arrive after you move will come into your new Gmail inbox....

July 31, 2009

GMail account

I got my first GMail account. First I’m just going to look at how it works. If it’s as nice as the other people on the web told. It’s all really crazy around these accounts. I just found a website that helps people to get a GMail account. GMail Swap, and in other places people are trying to sell them. There are also people concerned about privacy issues.

September 22, 2004