Plagger: a platform for feeds

While I was reading the Perl planet I found a link to a project called Plagger. It’s system for creating, changing and publishing feeds. To create a new ‘program’, you need to make a config file. The example directory includes a bloglines2gmail config and a config for a ‘planet’ aggregator. Both are less than twenty lines of configuration. It’s really easy to create your own feeds with this. Be sure to check out the presentations on the website, for an explaination of Plagger (the documentation is a bit light)....

July 16, 2006

Time in a packet

I was so nice to create a package for osdtime. Source osdtime-0.1.tar.gz.

October 30, 2005

On screen time display

Today I liked to know the time. I don’t have a clock and on my computer it’s to much work to show the time. I use ion3 and it can show the time in a statusbar, but I don’t like that, because it takes too much of my screen real estate. So I created a little program that shows the time for a few seconds in the right bottom corner of my screen....

October 30, 2005