HTML5 Audio

Today I was working on river again and after I added enclosure support I wanted to add a way to play audio files. The first thing I thought was, we can I find an inline mp3 player. And while I went to Google another idea popped into my mind: HTML5 audio. So I added the tag: <audio src="url" /> And without much more effort I had working audio playback in my river....

March 29, 2011

More insight into web video codecs

Mike Shaver wrote in HTML5 video and codecs: We want to make sure that the Web experience is good for all users, present and future. I want to make sure that when a child in India or Brazil or Kenya discovers the internet, there isn’t a big piece of it (video) that they can’t afford to participate in. I want to make sure that there are no toll-booth barriers to entry for someone building a whole new browser, or bringing a browser to a whole new device or OS, or making and using tools for creating standard web content....

January 26, 2010

Important message about HTML5 video codecs

This article takes a look at the history of the web to find out what we need to do about video codecs. HTML5 video and H.264 – what history tells us and why we’re standing with the web.

January 25, 2010

HTML5 and video possibilities

These days many videos are published to the internet by people using cellphones. Many of these videos have crappy sound, because of how these cameras are built and the way these cameras are used. The microphones are not at the best place for recording the sound and because the volume is too low, there is much background noise, because the volume needs to be increased. With the Flash player based videos we are dependent on Adobe (for Flash), the video owner or the video website too give us content or technology that lets us improve the video....

May 29, 2009