We need an extensible remote control for N800 and 770

It looks like big buttons are in. Especially big buttons, that can be changed and be pressed. The Nokia 770 (and N800 now too) needs an extensible remote control application, that will show buttons and start applications. It should be possible to start and stop music, choose a next song, call websites via wifi, open applications, connect my bluetooth connection. Just with a press of a button. Is there anyone that knows an applications like this for the Nokia 770, or is there someone who knows how to write one....

January 31, 2007

Nokia 770 is back

A few days ago I received a Nokia 770 back. It’s not the same as I sent. The one that I send had a gray/white screen. Which wasn’t very nice. The new one has a working screen and the 2006 version of the firmware. It works great. Especially the new thumb keyboard.

October 19, 2006

Some nice things about the Nokia 770

The Nokia 770 has Bluetooth, which allowed (see previous post) me to connect to the internet. The connection to internet can be created in two ways, one was by using my phone (A Nokia 6021), which worked without any problem (except for the money bit), or by using a bluetooth attached to a linux PC with some iptables magic. Both ways work like a charm, but the second one is a bit difficult to configure....

July 1, 2006

Nokia is broken

Even before I had the time to write about the arrival of the Nokia 770, with some nice pictures, it is already broken. It seems like it’s a common problem with newer devices. The problem is that the screen is white with gray lines. I couldn’t find a picture of it on the web, so I will post a picture of my own device. See: So this means that I’m not that happy, at the moment....

July 1, 2006

A Nokia 770

I bought a Nokia 770. Hopefully it will arrive tomorrow. I don’t what to write, yet. But I will some more to say, when I have my own 770 in my hands. At the moment perhaps, you should take a look at kla.as for Nokia770 screenshots.

June 28, 2006