Return from the roadtrip

Saturday I returned from my roadtrip. Now is a good time to tell what we have done. Sunday First we drove to Geneva, Switzerland. We took the autobahn through Germany. We stopped a few times. When we we’re in Switzerland out first stop was in Basel, where we took a look at a local Mac. We didn’t we would be staying that long, when we saw the prices there. We arrived in Geneva at about one in the afternoon after a drive of about 13 hours....

August 9, 2004

Radio Interview

The radio interview is done. I’ve put on the website of the roadtrip. It’s dutch, so I think not everybody will be able to listen.

July 23, 2004

The roadtrip

In about 10 days, four of my friends and I, are going on a roadtrip. We’ve bought an 10 year old van. With this van we’re going to make a trip to Geneve, Italy and Croatia and back. We’re are probably going to make some movies to show, when we’re back. I think I’m going to make some notes about when we’re on our way. Al least when I’ve a place to connect to my computer....

July 14, 2004