Added rssCloud to my weblog feed

This is my first post with rssCloud enabled. It’s not that hard, if you’ve have created the infrastructure already. The infrastructure can be found on github: github/pompiedom-rsscloud and github/pompiedom-ping.

January 20, 2012

Let's start a programming news network

I have been building a system of posting short posts on top of RSS and rssCloud. This system helps people to create link blogs and short posts about anything they like. Now I was thinking maybe we can build a programming news network on top of this system. There are already two systems that I know of that work with this system. One is my own, called Pompiedom. The other is the system created by Dave Winer....

April 4, 2011

Pompiedom river

My river includes a way to add new posts to my personal feed. When I click on the textarea, it grows and shows two optional fields where I can add a Title and Link for this post. Clicking Publish will send the post to my posting interface on the server using AJAX. A new post appears within a few seconds in the river below. Posts from other feeds also appear in the river within seconds of being posted....

March 27, 2011

My Plack rssCloud code

I forgot to include the link to my rssCloud in the last post about how I wrote one in Plack.

March 27, 2011

I wrote a Perl RSScloud

Today I wrote an rssCloud in Perl. It uses Plack and AnyEvent. That it uses Plack doesn’t at the moment mean that it works with any Plack compatible web server. It works with Twiggy, but doesn’t with HTTP::Server and others. This relates to the AnyEvent code. I followed Dave Winer’s walkthrough for implementation information and looked at some of the frontend parts of his system. At the moment it only supports the http-post protocol for subscription and ping....

March 19, 2011

Microblogging DIY

I am building my own microblogging tool. It uses RSS and RSScloud to get realtime updates from the web. Tonight I got it working and now I need some feeds to parse. Yesterday I already saw that provides RSScloud feeds, so I tried one of them out. The first feed I added was my own. The test to see if it worked was posting a message to my account. And … a post appeared in my microblogging client in realtime....

March 15, 2011