They wouldn't install if not for packages

In Use of DBI in Sqitch, Wheeler writes about Sqitch, an application for SQL change management. Sqitch uses the native database client applications (psql, sqlite3, mysql, etc.). […] The IPC is a huge PITA. Furthermore, getting things properly quoted is also pretty annoying I would expect this when you use SQL command-line tools in other tools. Of course, this is Perl, which is better at this kind of thing than other languages....

May 21, 2012


In this presentation Kent Beck talks among other things, about a development technique called Keystoning. Someone from the audience asks him what it is. I didn’t know it either and that means someone else probably also doesn’t know. It’s really useful for bigger features and I have used it many times without even knowing it. What is keystoning? Change the user-visible parts last. This way the changes seem to have come really fast for the user....

December 22, 2011

Why don't we build a software tower?

We should build towers of software instead of just replacing the platform every few years. Many client software programs are the end of the line. It’s not easy to build new software on top of those programs. The problem with this is that this way client programs will become better, but it’s not possible to build on top of them. Each program should have an API that allows other programs to build on top of them....

December 3, 2009

Synchronization for my phone

Now that I have this nice phone, I’m looking for a way to synchronize my contacts, calendar items and todo lists. On Windows there is the Nokia PC suite, but that won’t work on linux. I already found gnokii and Multisync, but the first is not usable enough and I can’t get the second working with my phone. The first problem could probably be solved by using some scripts, but I was looking for an easier solution, like a one click synchronize....

March 18, 2006

Added comments to the weblog

Ok, I think it’s time for this. I added the comments feature to my website software. It works really great now. It was a problem when I couldn’t add comments, because the pages are static. It can be made, so I did.

February 19, 2006