Spam on Twitter

A few months ago I said that it’s not possible to spam Twitter. This is because you can choose who you follow. And people can’t send messages to you if you don’t follow them. This makes Twitter unspammable. The above is still true, with the exception that with people will find messages of people that they don’t follow. This problems becomes bigger when people will start searching for their @usernames....

May 12, 2009

Will HTTP Auth stop comment spam?

As an experiment I will try HTTP authentication to stop comment spam. The password is shown next to the chat button. I hope people will understand what to do. I also hope it will stop comment spam.

March 17, 2007

Even my homebrewn comments are not comments spam free

While I was working on the code that works with my comments, some bot posted a spam comment. I thought that would only work on weblogs that use popular software. Maybe my site uses names that are obvious enough for a bot to find out. As it’s not possible to post html or other markup to my comments, the entry is show as text and isn’t harmful (or useful) to anyone....

March 24, 2006

Weblogs looking like spam websites

Sometimes there’s a website that you visit which has the same properties as a spam weblog. The website just looks like a spam weblog. Most of these websites are based on free templates or free weblog services. I’m talking about weblogs of Bloggerwith the standard templates, but any service and template will do. This is the one I used. The spam is a problem on its own, but I have another problem with it....

December 30, 2005