Using a webhook to GET information

This week I’m working on an application that needs to get a list of email addresses from another application. It has the following requirements. Requirement #1: Only HTTP+URL+HTML. No SOAP, SQL or other technologies. Requirement #2: The list can’t be cached. It needs to be updated on the moment that the information is used. Requirement #3: Just one URL. Requirement #4: Authentication is very important. Only programs, that are authenticated can read this information....

January 27, 2010

My explanation of WebHooks

HTTP requests are send by clients to servers. Most of the time the client is a webbrowser. The only thing that WebHooks says is this: servers are clients, too. WebHooks have nothing to do with realtime updates or with sending HTTP requests to browsers. It’s about servers sending HTTP requests to other servers when something happens.

August 26, 2009