I rewrote my blog software in Perl

In the last few weeks I have rewritten my blog software in Perl. The old version used Ruby. I wrote that version, because I wanted to try out Ruby. The software is about as old as the blog itself. The new software is written Perl. I use many new modules in Perl. For example Moo, Path::Tiny and Carton. Moo is an OO library for Perl. It allows me to write OO code in Perl without any boilerplate....

September 2, 2013

From idea to weblog to research

While I was doing my morning reading I came across this weblog by Jeffrey Kegler about his parser called Marpa. My post is not about his parser, even though it’s very interesting. This post is about the way the weblog guides and explains the work and ideas in the parser. It even includes historical information about where the ideas come from. It made me think about the work Simon Peyton-Jones has done on writing a research paper....

December 2, 2011

No comments on my weblog

In the past people could leave comments on my weblog. At the moment people can’t leave comments anymore. Still there are people who would like to respond or write about an post that I’ve written. The best way to respond is to write a post on your own weblog and link to the post that you like to respond to. If this feels like a lot of work, you’re probably right....

February 20, 2011

Sorry, I wasn't here for your birthday

I’ve been writing this weblog for six years and fourteen days now. That’s how long ago I started writing here. It probably is the longest running website, that I have created. Sure, there were changes, like the one from a few days ago, when I removed almost all formatting. But there are more changes. While building this weblog I created a small software tool called pages that creates and generates the pages and posts for this weblog....

July 26, 2010

My weblog supports comments, at last

Tonight I implemented comments on my weblog. I have this blog already for four years and now at last you can post a comment. The biggest problem with implementing comments is that my blog is static. Otherwise it wouldn’t be that hard to implement the comments. At the moment you shouldn’t pay much attention to the esthetics.

July 5, 2008

Een reis weblog

Ik ben met een reis weblog begonnen. Het staat in http://peterstuifzand.nl/opreis/. Het kan zijn dat ik er in de komende dagen nog iets aan doe, qua ontwerp. Op dit moment heb ik daar nog geen zin in. Het idee is dat ik daar tijdens mijn reis daar dingen op zet die ik meemaak. Dus neem een kijkje en plaats af een toe een reactie. Dat zou ik wel leuk vinden.

June 9, 2008

Added comments to the weblog

Ok, I think it’s time for this. I added the comments feature to my website software. It works really great now. It was a problem when I couldn’t add comments, because the pages are static. It can be made, so I did.

February 19, 2006

Weblogs looking like spam websites

Sometimes there’s a website that you visit which has the same properties as a spam weblog. The website just looks like a spam weblog. Most of these websites are based on free templates or free weblog services. I’m talking about weblogs of Bloggerwith the standard templates, but any service and template will do. This is the one I used. The spam is a problem on its own, but I have another problem with it....

December 30, 2005

Weblog now contains monthly archive pages

Today I added monthly archive pages on this weblog. The design is not clean yet, but it works, like you can see at the archives. The archive page now contains a list of links to the pages of the months with posts. The archive first contained a pages with all the posts, which uses a little little too much bandwidth. This new approach uses just a little.

September 3, 2005

Tray Icon applet to add pages to blog

Inspired by Tomboy and GnomeTrashApplet I created a TrayIconApplet to add pages to my weblog. But it’s not written in C or C#, but in ruby using it’s Gtk wrappers. And it was easier than I at first thought. It’s a application around pages. And has the following features. listing web pages on website editing web pages on website listing all weblog items adding new items to weblog generating the website It’s a really nice app....

October 1, 2004