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What have I been up to the last three months

Here I’m back again. Maybe you missed me, maybe not. The problem is that my computer’s harddisk crashed. That’s a whole lot of crap. And until recently I didn’t have time to get this website working and updated again.

During this three months most of my time was invested into my first actual website project with a domain name and all. I created a web application in Perl, that is running that website.

The website is a social concert calender for concerts in The Netherlands. This means everything is in Dutch. The idea is that everybody can add concerts he likes or update information on artists when it isn’t right. More information about this project can be found on the accompanying weblog, also in Dutch.

The other thing I did, was making a little trip to Antwerp in Belgium. It was the first time I went alone to some other foreign place. Without my friends or parents. And I must say I actually enjoyed it. It was so much fun.

One of the things that I wanted to do there was take pictures. Just to get a feel for it and become a little better.

The nice thing about going to Belgium is that is incredibly cheap for students; EUR 4,30. This was the last time I could go there, because in about six months, I won’t be a student anymore.

Which brings us to the next point. On 5 september I start with my last internship. When I finish it, I will have my Bachelor’s degree. It would be nice if the concert website has taken off by then, so that it will create a steady little income. That would be to good to be true.

The other thing that might be interesting for everybody interested in this stuff, is my weblog on Blogger, that is also about programming related things.

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