Peter Stuifzand

Music Player Daemon

I thought about how a daemon program could be easy to use for playing music. So I started with some research by googling for ‘music player daemon’. And the first result was a link to a program called ‘Music Player Daemon’.

This program runs in the background and can be controlled with php based websites or a command line tool. This is nice separation of concerns. So I installed the package and tried it. I’m really impressed by how it works, especially with the client tools, that let me select the music. The thing that I don’t like is that I have to create playlists. But with one playlist containing all the songs is easy to create.

mpc listall | mpc add

So that’s kind of easy. It’s also easy to create keybindings that call the client command line program. So now I have a button to skip to the next song.

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