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I’m not yet sure what this is, but it looks like some kind of end of the year post. But were still two weeks of.

Somehow a lot of my posts are about programming and computers. This is kind of stupid, because I do a lot of other stuff besides programming. While it may look like it, I’m a big fan of all kinds of punk, ska, rock’n roll and reggae music. This would become obvious if I went to more of those concerts, but their are hard to come by in this neighbourhood.

Even now I’m not programming, just being lazy, browsing the web and reading stuff. The idea is that it’s reading instead of being lazy.

The current book I’m reading is Life of Pi by Yann Martel. The book is nice, but I’m still not done. When I’m done I’ll be reading the rest of the Narnia stories, which my brother got from Sinterklaas.

In my abundant spare time I like to draw pencil pictures of things. I see it as practicing, while other people see it as dumb, ugly and stupid. I’m not going to say I’m good, because I’m not, but its good practice and helps my concentration and perception, like meditation.

I would also like to become a better writer, but I feel I’m not ready yet. While not feeling ready is a bit weird, because it’s just a feeling. Meanwhile I write stuff like this on this website. Which may get better because of it. Practice makes perfect.

The rest of the time I try to be a better person. While I’m still not sure how to do that, I still try to do my best. Somehow I came to think that being a vegetarian is a good way to start, and it has been eight years already.

This was about it…, but let’s not forget all the other things that I forgot to write.

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