Peter Stuifzand

Notes on how blogging should work (for me)

Sometimes I have the following ideas about blogging and other writing for the web. The thing is that these ideas will not apply in the same way to other people. I think some of the points can be generalized for other people and applications.


  • These blog posts on this website are written with Vim and a few scripts through a SSH connection to my server.

  • I would like to use Vim to edit my blog posts.

  • Vim should be able to edit a URL and use GET and PUT to read and write the page.

  • Ideally the GET will only supply the content of the page; the navigation surrounding the content should be added later by the blogging software.

  • Starting a new blog posts should be as easy as POSTing to a URL.

  • The same as I use Vim for the text parts of the website, I want to use Gimp to be able to edit pictures.

  • The text of the blog posts can be written in HTML or Markdown (which is what I use at the moment).

  • Navigation should be added later. Content can be edited. The user doesn’t have to update headers and footers for each page.

General points

  • All programs should be able to GET, PUT, POST to URLs. DELETE could be implemented in the browser.

  • HTML will stay the main language for publishing content on the internet.

  • The website should add the headers and footers for the user.

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