Disable comments on your blog

David Siegel tweets: Looking to make a positive change in your life? Disable comments on your blog. When you want to respond to a blog post, get your own blog and write a blog post there.

April 13, 2011

Notes on how blogging should work (for me)

Sometimes I have the following ideas about blogging and other writing for the web. The thing is that these ideas will not apply in the same way to other people. I think some of the points can be generalized for other people and applications. Notes These blog posts on this website are written with Vim and a few scripts through a SSH connection to my server. I would like to use Vim to edit my blog posts....

May 25, 2009

At last: normal URLs for entries

At last my blogging software creates entries with normal, human-readable URLs. It was a simple change; it seems kinda strange that I haven’t changed it earlier.

February 3, 2007

Even my homebrewn comments are not comments spam free

While I was working on the code that works with my comments, some bot posted a spam comment. I thought that would only work on weblogs that use popular software. Maybe my site uses names that are obvious enough for a bot to find out. As it’s not possible to post html or other markup to my comments, the entry is show as text and isn’t harmful (or useful) to anyone....

March 24, 2006