Peter Stuifzand

Switch from Hotmail to Gmail

Since a few months you are able to move from Hotmail to Gmail. The biggest problem was that you couldn’t take you old emails with you to Gmail.

The other big problem was that you have to everybody about your new email address. Switching has a big cost. The way this works is that you don’t have change your email address, because even the new emails that arrive after you move will come into your new Gmail inbox.

To enable the retrieving of you Hotmail to your new Gmail account you have to follow a few simple steps.

1. Create a Gmail account

Creating a Gmail is not hard. Just go to Gmail and follow the instructions on the page.

2. Enable POP3 downloading

First click Settings in the upper right corner in your Gmail inbox. It’s next to you email address. Then click Accounts. This will show the following page.

Gmail settings

On that page click Add a mail account you own. This will open the following small window.

Email address

Enter your email address into this window. This will help Gmail find out how to get to your email. Type your email address there. Then click Next step. This will open a new window.

Account information

This window asks about the login information for your account. Fill in the missing information and click Add account.

3. Wait for Gmail to download your email

Depending on the number of emails in your inbox, Gmail will take a few minutes to a few hours to download all the emails in your account. As soon as a few messages are downloaded, they will appear in your Gmail inbox.

After I changed to Gmail and downloaded my Hotmail email I’ve never looked back. It’s great to have all your email in one place.

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