Peter Stuifzand

Using Hugo to generate my website

In the beginning my website blog was generated with a Ruby app, that I wrote myself. Later I rewrote that app in Perl. It used the same file structure. Today I converted my files to a Hugo site, by copying the files and adding YAML front matter. With Perl this is really easy. See

The index.yaml contains the title and date of the blog posts. Each $doc contains the name of the source file and the output file. As you can see it was not hard to convert the structures from one to the other.

As the files are already written in Markdown (from the start), this made the process also a lot simpler.

Then I created a Github repository and pushed the website. I used DigitalOcean to generate and host the website.

I assumed that it would take quite a lot longer to do all this. I started writing this blog posts about two hours after I started with the process. And the result is quite nice.

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