Which program listens on a port?

Let’s say you run nmap on your local box and you see an open port, but don’t know which program is listening on that port. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to find out? The program you need to find this information is lsof, or list open files. This program can show you a lot of information about open files, ports and directories. Let’s go back to the original question....

April 13, 2011

Find your local IP address in Linux

Today I created this simple script that will find your local IP address or you Linux machine. #!/bin/sh # Shows ip address of eth0 /sbin/ifconfig | awk '/^eth0/,/^$/' | awk '/inet addr/ { print $2 }' | cut -d: -f2 It uses the output of ifconfig. First it finds the part that contains the information for eth0. Then it find the line with the inet addr, which contains your IP address....

January 18, 2010

Programs that I use in 2008

In 2005 I wrote a small post about the programs that I use on a regular basis. I will try and find out what has changed and what stayed the same. I still use: vim - an editor rxvt-unicode - an X terminal ion3 - a window manager xmonad - another window manager (written in Haskell) firefox - a web browser mutt - a email client vim outliner - a todo list/outliner tool Programs that I don’t use anymore:...

August 8, 2008

Making modification to dwm is really easy

Dwm is the ‘dynamic window manager’ and is written in only 2000 lines of C code. This is quite nice. The size and the quality of the code is really good, so its really easy for me to make some modifications. The first modifications that I made, where for keys to start programs. F2 now starts the terminal and F4 starts a webbrowser. F3 starts gmrun, but I’m not sure if I need, or that I like it....

August 16, 2006

Another window manager

It seems I’m always on the lookout for new windowmanagers. Last year started using Ion3, which I really like. Yesterday I saw a windowmanager called dwm and it is written in about 2000 lines of C code. This is not useful in itself, but it makes it easier to understand the code and make some small modifications without actually understanding all of it. And 2000 lines isn’t that much either....

August 16, 2006

Alt stopped working in rxvt-unicode

My Alt key stopped working in rxvt-unicode. Still works in Firefox. I don’t have any idea about how it stopped working. After some searching and trying, I found out that I had to add a line to my .Xdefaults file. URxvt.modifier: meta After reloading the file with xrdb -merge ~/.Xdefaults, the Alt key started working again as it did before.

January 12, 2006

Programs I currently use

A short list of the applications/programs that I use. vim - an editor rxvt-unicode - a xterminal ion3 - a window manager firefox - a web browser mutt - a mail client raggle - a rss reader playmusic - a music player vim outliner - a todo list/outliner tool irssi - an irc client bitlbee - a irc server/instant message gateway

November 6, 2005

CD Ripping on Debian

Today I fixed my computer. It now will rip cd’s, without being really slow. Actually I only had to install a new kernel. I now use 2.6.8 instead of 2.6.7. Ripping cd’s with sound-juicer is really simple.

October 23, 2004

My New Debian Setup

Yesterday I installed a new Debian setup. I used Redhat before, but I began to show signs of old age. Now I have Gnome 2.6 and some more nice stuff. There are some many packages, that I’m not yet sure what to install.

September 27, 2004