A universal subscribe button

SubToMe is a universal subscribe button that you can add to your weblog. You just add small bit of HTML that shows a subscribe button. The software is written in Javascript and runs in your browser. It doesn’t need a central server. Take a look and add it to your weblog.

April 22, 2013

What? RSS is dead? Again?

Steve Rubel wrote: The decade is coming to an end. And with it, so has the era of feeds too faded - though you can argue it never got off the ground. Even with real-time technologies like pubsubhubbub, RSS today feels slow and it’s clear its best days are behind it. Feed reading, like blogging, feels “very 2005.” I wasn’t convinced until recently, however. You could say that I’m not convinced yet, either....

December 23, 2009

Twitter, I don't care anymore

I have had an account with Twitter now, for almost three years. According to When did you join twitter?, I joined twitter over two years and nine months ago. Lately I’m wondering if it’s useful for anything. It’s a lousy news reader, it’s a terrible communication medium and the mechanics are all in one company. There is no way for me to send messages to the people I would like to send messages....

December 23, 2009

RSS feeds are not a problem anymore

For the last few months I was using Plagger to read RSS feeds. These feeds would be downloaded and send as e-mail to my gmail account. There was not a lot wrong with this. But as always there was a better way. A few days ago I changed Plagger to check twice a day. Once around 9:00 when I arrive at work and once at around 19:00, which is when I’m back home and sitting behind my computer....

November 15, 2006

Plagger: a platform for feeds

While I was reading the Perl planet I found a link to a project called Plagger. It’s system for creating, changing and publishing feeds. To create a new ‘program’, you need to make a config file. The example directory includes a bloglines2gmail config and a config for a ‘planet’ aggregator. Both are less than twenty lines of configuration. It’s really easy to create your own feeds with this. Be sure to check out the presentations on the website, for an explaination of Plagger (the documentation is a bit light)....

July 16, 2006

Problem with feeds

One of the problems with feeds (RSS, Atom, or something) is that most of the explaination is about XML and the technology behind it and not about the problem it solves. I would be better if explanations about feeds wouldn’t talk about XML or other technology parts, when explaining it to users.

January 4, 2006

This Delicous Tool is pretty cool

June 26, 2005

A Webmail To RSS tool

At my school we now have to use a webmail client. And I don’t like it. Because it is a lot of work to open up the page, enter a password, look over the messages and find nothing new. I use Liferea as my RSS Feed Reader and it now uses a program to get a feed of the messages. The program downloads the webpage with the messages and then generates a simple rss2....

October 18, 2004

Bugfixing and rss feed

After some bugfixing, I now have the permalinks working right. I also added an RSS2.0 feed. I’m not yet sure if it’s the way I like it, or that’s correct. But it’s a test so.

September 28, 2004