Implicit algorithms in templates

I was thinking about implicit algorithms and implicit datastructures and thought how this applied to templates in web applications. I found that there are a few places where I write the same template code with just a few different pieces. One of the examples is a piece of code for showing a text field with a few labels around it. This piece of template code is used for almost every field in the product edit (and new) form....

March 5, 2012

Notemanager Webapp

Today I started with the creation of a webapp, in which you can make notes. It’s really simple, but already it has some nice features, like categories. It is written in ruby and uses YAML to save the notes. This makes it easier to save and load the notes.

October 2, 2004

Forum improvements

It’s still needed to create a better forum. I’ve have installed a forum on the roadtrip website, but their is nobody that posts a message. I would be nice if someone would post a message, but if you need to register to read the forum, a lot of people will not try it. Some people have done research on this. And I think it’s true. There was also a problem with some cookie stuff, so people couldn’t login....

July 14, 2004

Changes to the blog

As you can see my blog is powered by Bryar. It can be found on CPAN. I made some changes to Bryar that I liked. I’m not sure what to do with these changes. Should I give them back to the owner, or not? It’s more like a it works for me hack. I added the following items to the software. Wiki formatting using Text::KwikiFormatish Separated datadir and entrydir. Simple attr_accessor, attr_reader (like ruby) functions These items are really nice to have I think....

July 14, 2004