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I’m trying to create a few pages about things, that are more like notes in different stages of completion.

  • Hugo and Tailwind

    This current website is built with Hugo. I wanted to try to build my own theme with Tailwind. With Hugo it is not very easy to use Tailwind. The biggest problem I found was that Hugo does not reload CSS with livereload.

  • Current Reality Tree

    The Current Reality Tree is a sufficiency tree shows (part of) the current situation of a system. It is used to model how causes and effects lead to certain undesidered effects(UDE). The arrows in the tree show which cause leads to which effect. When there multiple arrows from a cause to an effect, then each cause creates the effect by itself. Removing one of the causes will perhaps lessen the effect, but not remove it completely.
  • Compatibility of Markdown in Logseq

    These are some of my thoughts about Markdown in Logseq. In this note I try to find the assumptions behind the conflict. This is thinking I did on my and is not associated with how Logseq will work now or in the future, this also does not represent goals of the Logseq team. This is what I think the goals could be. The conflict Goal tree This is the goal tree, for some of the features we “need”.
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